FAQs for Rescues

So you're considering doing a tumbler fundraising campaign? Here are the top questions we receive.

1. Is there a setup fee?

There is no setup fee. We will set up your logo/artwork so that it is production ready. That is the beginning of our gift to you!

2. How much money can my organization raise, per tumbler?

You can determine what you would like to charge for a tumbler. All monies above above cost will be donated to your rescue. 

3. Does the cup keep drinks both cold and hot?

Yes, the tumblers are vacuum insulated and great for both hot and cold drinks.

4. What is the size of the tumbler?

Our most popular tumbler holds 20 oz. Many sizes and styles are available

5. Will the logo wash off?

Our tumblers are powder coated and laser engraved, which means the logo will never wash off.

6. Do you have other styles of drinkware?

Yes, we have a large variety of drinkware to choose from, ranging from wine tumblers to water bottles. Our standard offerings include 20oz tumblers, 30 tumblers, 40 oz travel tumblers with Handle, and 12 oz wine tumblers. If you are interested in other styles, please contact us for additional details.

7. Do we have to buy in bulk?

No bulk purchase is required. We produce and fulfill each tumbler as it is ordered. Which means that your organization doesn't have any up-front costs, and you don't have to keep inventory and fulfill the orders.

9. How are orders placed? 

You can direct your supporters to our website and we will sell them here. By signing up as an affiliate, you can track orders placed through your affiliate link, as well as set up automatic payouts.

10. How does shipping work?

We are located in NC. We generally ship either Ground Advantage or Priority Mail. Shipping a single tumbler averages around $7.50. 

    11. What is the lead time?

    We will ship the tumblers in 3-5 business days after an order is placed.

    12. How long does the campaign last?

    Generally, rescues choose to run a campaign for 1 month. During this time, your rescue will share this campaign with your followers. We will support your efforts by creating great marketing graphics for you to share. Check out this article for some tips on running a successful fundraising campaign.